The Alt Key
Reiki for animals Healing Centre for Animals and their Humans

Distance healing available (using photographs).

Can travel within South Africa  (depending on availability) by appointment.

Just like the alt key on a computer keyboard gives the user alternative functions when pressed, the Alt Key Animal healing Centre gives Animal owners and minders alternative ways to look after the wellbeing of their animals.

Because Reiki energy is Universal energy or Life Force energy it flows through every living being and can be used to benefit any living being whether it be a plant, animal or human.

Just to be clear, I cannot tell the energy what to heal and I don’t do any healing myself, I just channel the energy to the individual and they either accept the healing and use it where needed or reject the healing for their own reasons and the session ends. Reiki healing energy can never be forced on anyone and can never be sent without permission.

A little while back I had the inspiration to open an animal healing centre and use the Reiki I have been using on myself all these years for the well-being of animals.

I reached out to my friends and work colleagues to see if there were any animals I could help and the response was overwhelming. I got requests to treat Anxiety, Depression, behavioural issues as well as sick animals. (A lot of those early testimonials are on this site)

The animals responded amazingly to the Reiki treatments and I started getting feedback from both the humans and their animals. Most of my sessions are done remotely through a recent photograph of the animal but in some cases, I am lucky enough to be close enough to travel to the animal and do the session one on one. Both methods work equally well and the results are the same.

The many benefits of Reiki are mentioned on this website but the important thing to understand is that the healing happens at the root of the issue or illness and doesn’t just treat the symptoms.

Sometimes animals take on the stress or anxiety of their humans to try and make things better for the human and in those cases I would have to work with both human and animal to get the required results.

This has been a fascinating and very rewarding journey for me emotionally and spiritually and I invite you to join me on this journey with your animals if there are any areas we can work on together.

If you want to know more or have a problem with your animal, fill in the form below and I will get in touch.


Animal Reiki Benefits

  • Treats Anxiety
  • Helps to calm excited animals
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps relaxation
  • Aids with behavioural issues (Although these are sometimes acquired from the Human so we will need to work with both human and animal to change the behaviour)
  • Energy healing so it touches all aspects like emotional healing, spiritual healing and physical healing
  • Activates the animals internal healing system to self-heal
  • Can be done at a distance using a photograph
  • Distance healing is just as effective as one on one
  • Reiki is channeled and drawn in and used by the recipient, never forced or told where to go.
  • Never sent without permission
  • Animal can reject the energy if it so chooses
  • Safe and is always for the greater good of all
  • Animals have no blocks or preconceived ideas so they accept the energy without judgement and they know how to use it to heal.