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Catbury – Anxious

Catbury – Anxious

Catbury – Anxious

Catbury was a tiny little kitten that was…. what we believe dropped off in the trees behind our office park to fight for himself. Nothing older than a few days.

I managed to make friends with him and decided to adopted Catbury.

He was always a “Scaredy Cat” everything around him and any movement would let him jump and flee in any direction.  Hiding everywhere he can get into.    

Even hurting himself a few times trying to jump the fence to get away from the smallest noise and landing up at the vet a few times.

We always tried to cuddle with him, but he will jump and run and hideaway.

Catbury had serous behavioural and social problems harming himself jumping the fence

I decided to get some help he was only getting worse.

Time to Call Rodney to help Carbury with his anxiety. 

I decided not to tell anybody in my family that I gave Rodney a picture to help.   As I wanted to see what the result is going to be.

The first session he already calmed down and would lie down under the table looking at us but not running away.  When my husband came home few days later, Catbury was lying on the couch look at him and didn’t flinch or run away instead he turned on his back for a belly scratch. 

My husband asked me what’s going on with Catbury I didn’t say anything, just smiled.

After a week his behaviour and anxiety of the world disappeared.

Sleeping and cuddling with us ever night on our bed, even snuggling next to our Yorkie when it’s cold.  Amazing gift that Rodney has to calm and make our animals life less anxious. 

PS No more vet visits since Rodney and Catbury had the sessions.

– Ronelle K