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Zuke – Tumour

Zuke – Tumour

Zuke – Tumour

We contacted Rodney, a highly recommended reiki master, when our 9 year old pit-bull was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The vet gave Zuke a max of 2 months to live, if he was lucky.

3 months have passed since then and the result of the reiki healing is out of this world.

In a few short days, Zuke went from decrepit and grumpy to practically a spring chicken – no exaggeration! 

We could not believe the amount of energy he had again.

He was playing and running around like a puppy again and he still is to this day. 

All I can say is that reiki is a fraction of the price I was charged at the vet for zero results.   Not to mention that this was all done remotely during lockdown!

Whether or not you are a sceptic, animals are not.  Animals know what is good for them and that is why they respond so well to Reiki.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what you think. 

The results speak for themselves!

– Taryn S