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Two Horses & a Dog – testimonial

Two Horses & a Dog – testimonial

Two Horses & a Dog – testimonial

Rodney has irrevocably assisted all my animals with his healing touch.

He administered hands on healing to my horse Thalro, after he suffered a massive hematoma resulting from traumatic injury.  His attention to Thalro actively reduced the healing time required and each treatment relieved massive pain and inflammation.

Rodney’s attentive healing continued for an additional two years and eight months into the final stages of my beloved 27 year old’s life.  he had developed an acute sarcoid which with the energy received from Rodney, eased discomfort and regulated pain. Every treatment was clearly visible in Thalro’s demeanour.  Calmer and rejuvenated.  Rodney played an integral part in the transition for my Thalro and for my remaining horses.

Sending healing to Dragonara Duke after he displayed signs of hairloss due to stress.  Rodney’s treatments certainly boosted immunity and morale.

I highly advocate his effectiveness and have recommended him to numerous friend’s, who’s animals he has treated whilst recovering from intestinal surgery and kidney dialisis.

– Nadja S