The Alt Key

Tigel – Depressed

Tigel – Depressed

Tigel – Depressed

Tigel, our healing cat, is a sensitive quiet soul. She will come and comfort you if you are in pain or not feeling well.  She is so in tune with your discomfort that she intuitively places her paw on the area of discomfort.

My son is at university and loves to cuddle her and she will sleep on his bed and play with him. 

Every time he goes back to university after a visit, Tigel will get depressed – just laying on his bed. If we try and pick her up she will hide under the bed, not moving at all, not even for her food.

I asked Rodney to help her. Just to let her know that she’s not alone and that my son will come back and that we also love her and her cuddles.  After the session she starts moving around and then starts to be herself again, cuddling with the rest of the family in the house.  After a few of the sessions she will go to my other son and start to snuggle with him too. 

I can truly say that without Rodney’s help with Reiki sessions for my two cats and their behaviour problems, I would have had to spend a lot of time at the vet giving them all types of medicine that wouldn’t help anyway.  Now they are calm, trusting and not depressed anymore.

– Ronelle K